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Again, I'm not certain of your question/comment. BTW, if you are looking for an excellent free VST-synth, try Pianoteq. Thanks for the answers. I was looking for a good DAW that can mix but I'm not sure if it's what I need. I'm planning to buy a full featured DAW with virtual instruments. This is because I want to record vocals and have plans of mixing with a producer. My question wasn't really a specific one but since it didn't get an answer I thought I would ask again. I was looking for a free DAW that could easily mix with virtual instruments. Thanks My vote goes for cubase since its a very pro tool and is very stable. Cubase is a bit hard to master but once mastered it works out pretty good. If you have the tools and skills you can make cubase work just fine. I use Audacity and haven't had a single problem with it. Its simple to use, and you can always find some tutorial on the net to help you out. Its not a must have piece of software but for light tasks its fine. If you want to get into mixing and mastering cubase is a good tool. Some free software packages I know of are phazer and foobar2000 and they are both pretty good. In Pro Tools 7/8/9 all of the new stuff is in the Producer program, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is just a fancy name for a mixer. If you are using a DAW that is a free program that has a lot of features. If you are using Cubase, you are using a more professional DAW. But a Pro Tools version is fine as well and is a professional DAW as well. I have a few virtual instruments that i like. Its a good way to get the music going without spending alot of cash. If you are getting a real synth instead of a virtual synth, you will be spending alot of cash. As far as the TI 8. I dont think you would have a problem getting it. You can do all you want in an DAW but it all depends on how much you spend. I used to use the new REASON digital piano as a virtual instrument and it was great but the older version of REASON has better sounding piano sound which i really like. If you are looking for a complete digital piano virtual instrument I




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