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This page features local builders, designers, trades, & other experts who have Garden Suite experience or a Garden Suite orientation. 

Finding quality individuals and companies to work with when designing and building your Garden Suite is of upmost importance. We recommend that you always do your homework when selecting a builder and/or designer, and get know their style of work, level of experience, and track record.  

Timber Haus Developments is a custom builder inspired by Edmonton's heritage, history and iconic river valley. Backed by Lincolnberg Master Builder, Timber Haus offers the reliability of a reputable and award-winning builder, with the nuance, exclusivity and craftsmanship of an artisan carpenter. Our philosophy centres around lifestyle design. We strive to create homes that foster a sense of ease and effortlessness; homes that compliment your way of being. 


While we primarily specialize in infill developments and custom homes, our enthusiasm for garden suites comes from our belief in community. We believe that neighbourhoods should be more multi-dimensional and inclusive, and less cookie-cutter. Garden suites are a way for homeowners to be creative with their space, while bettering their lives or the lives of those around them. 


Garden suites offer all the simplicity of an apartment, without the noise of upstairs neighbours. The modern essence of a loft, paired with the charm of a neighbourhood. For homeowners, it's the entrepreneurial spirit of a basement suite, and extra disposable income, without actually sharing their home. Whether it’s keeping your family close, creating a workshop or hobby space, or adding a rental suite, Timber Haus is excited to be part of your journey! 

Timber Haus



Rococo Homes Inc. has been building high quality, yet affordable custom homes throughout the Capital Region for over 10 years. Rococo’s primary focus is to complete custom builds, renovations, and infill projects that exceed our customer’s specifications and wishes.

What makes Rococo unique is entrenched in our core values of honesty, integrity and community. Rococo has been recognized numerous times for their achievements by winning several awards from the Canadian Home Building Association. Rococo Homes is a member of the Better Business Bureau, National New Home Warranty Program, and are a certified builder with Built Green Canada. With each new home built, we provide a ‘Built Green Certificate’ along with 3rd party testing and reporting which outlines the efficiency of your new home.

Rococo has garnered a reputation for innovative designs and quality construction. Staying ahead of changing building codes and regulations, efficiency standards, and design innovations, we produce a dream home that exceeds our customer’s expectations today and into the future. Our long standing relationships with trades combined with the best staff in the industry, ensures that high quality standards are maintained. At Rococo, we focus on quality, not quantity. Contact us today to turn your dreams into reality.

Rococo Homes Garden Suite
Rococo Homes Garden Suite
Rococo Homes Garden Suite
Rococo Homes Garden Suite


Are you looking to expand your home? Considering a garden suite for an ageing parent or extended family? Or maybe you're looking to maximize the value of your lot by building a revenue property...without having to buy more land! There's never been a better time to become a Backyard Developer.


A Garden Suite can be an excellent housing option, but the construction process can be complicated. Endless design decisions, permitting delays, site work and infrastructure hassles, unexpected costs. We have the experience to avoid those pitfalls. We'll professionally manage your entire project – from design through every last detail of construction. Not only do we offer you cost certainty, but we free up your time, so you can focus on what matters most.


Modworks Inc.'s focus is Garden Suites. We are passionate about Accessory Dwelling Units. We love working with our clients to create unique, compact homes. Collaboration is at the very core of what we do.


We're a small group of approachable, creative and flexible industry professionals. Bring us your plans or have us imagine a tailored suite that fits perfectly in your backyard. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Highlands Modworks
Crestwood Modworks
Crestwood Interior Modworks
Glenora Modworks
West Hillhurst Modworks


Skyward Homes is a modern building company, specializing in unique, creative, and inspiring infill projects. Over the past five years we have focused on innovative design. Infills, garden suites, and interesting renovations have been our niche, while we combine quality workmanship with a flair for thinking outside the box. When it comes to garden suites, boring is not in our vocabulary.


Our goal is to make the process a one-stop-shop. Building your garden suite can feel overwhelming, but we combine everything under one umbrella and hold your hand through the entire process. We include all aspects of the process, from the initial architectural design, engineering, permitting, and interior design, all the way to the final clean up and re-landscaping.


Garden suites not only come in many different shapes and sizes, but support a multitude of functions, and for that reason we look at each project as unique and a chance for you to be an artist in your own backyard. We offer a strong team of industry professionals built around core values that focus on making the client’s need first and foremost. When thinking of your next project, think of Skyward Homes.

Skyward Homes Garden Suite
Interior Skyward Homes
Skyward Homes Rendering
Interior Skyward Homes
Skyward Homes Rendering


Every aspect of a Net Zero Home is crafted to provide you with a better living experience. Net Zero Homes produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 70-90% more energy efficient than typical new homes and use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need. Every part of the house works together to provide consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout, including high-performance windows and high-quality insulation in the walls and roof. Mechanical systems filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens, creating safer indoor air quality. 

We are a custom builder that brings a high level of detail and professionalism to deliver comfortable, high performance & Net Zero Buildings. We utilize high-performance building practices with a craftsman style approach. Our experience and understanding of how buildings function allows us to deliver projects with superior durability, comfort and energy efficiency. Butterwick delivers projects that boast unmatched resilience and revolutionary energy efficiency. Our practical experience & expertise gives clients more freedom to make the aesthetic and design decisions they need without compromising building performance.  


With Butterwick, our project team will collaborate with you to develop during each step of your project, from planning all of the way through to completing the suite of your dreams.



Copperblock Capital Corp. (CNTNR) has developed real estate for over 25 years. Eco-friendly, sustainable designs are at the forefront of what we build— from 160 square foot garden suites, to 95,000 square foot mixed-use developments. Features such as living roofs, rainwater collection, real-time energy calculation displays, geothermal healing/cooling, solar panels, and greywater plumbing are incorporated into our various projects, with some achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards. 


CNTNR specializes in building with repurposed steel shipping containers (also known as sea-cans).  Forget the blocky aesthetic limitations you might traditionally associate with this material: step into one of our beautiful, open-concept modern homes, and you’d never guess that it was built using shipping containers.


Better yet, our sea-can builds are 30% more energy efficient than a traditional stick build, come net zero ready, divert tonnes of steel from the landfill, have high durability, and are cost effective.  By prefabricating the parts in our manufacturing facility, we are able to cut the construction time of a traditionally built home by approximately half.


Contact us today to discuss your next project, garden suite or otherwise! We look forward to delivering to you a progressive, eco-friendly building on a compressed construction timeline.





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Darryl Tulk, Alt. Lending


SAS Architecture


Linda Hayes, chartered accountant


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