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What is a Garden Suite?: Feature

Rules & Regulations

Learn the rules and regulations surrounding Backyard Housing in Edmonton.

Rules & Regulations

Garden suite how-to-guide

The City of Edmonton has worked to develop a Garden Suite How-To-Guide. This guide provides you with everything you need to know about what it takes to build a suite. It walks you through the stages of planning and provides you with information on key regulations and bylaws. From zoning to height maximums, this guide has got you covered! See the City of Edmonton's How-To-Guide in the link below.

Is your property eligible for backyard housing?

In the past, garden suites were only allowed in certain locations, like corner lots or next to commercial zones, and lots over a certain size. Today, because of updates to the Zoning Bylaw, a garden suite can be built on most low density residential lots. To determine whether your lot is eligible, you’ll need to know your zone. If you don’t know your lot’s zone you can visit to find it.


Once you know your zone, you can determine whether garden suites are a permitted use for your zone. Use the following table to determine if Backyard Housing is a permitted use in your zone. 


Being a permitted use means that if you meet all the rules of the Zoning Bylaw, your permit can’t be denied by the City if it meets the appropriate requirements.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 124143.png


Permitted/Discretionary Use

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