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Connect, educate, advocate

What We Do

Since YEGarden Suites' founding in 2017, we have helped thousands of Edmontonians learn about Garden Suites through educational workshops, tours, and events. We receive email inquiries on a daily basis from homeowners wondering if a Garden Suite is right for them or if their property can accommodate a suite.


YEGarden Suites acts as a hub of information for all things Garden Suites. Through collaboration with the City of Edmonton, Industry Members, Garden Suite owners, and like-minded organizations, we deliver engaging and informative content that is sure to help you achieve your suite dreams. ​

YEGarden Suites Activities 

Garden Suite Workshops

YEGarden Suites host workshops on topics related to Garden Suites. We cover everything from process to build, financing and energy efficiency. We also host builder/designer showcases where participants can see different design options and meet local industry experts. YEGarden Suites collaborates with experts in planning, permitting, real estate, financing, and alternative energies to provide our participants with the best available knowledge.

Workshops are held several times a year. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated.

Garden Suite Tours

We've heard from countless homeowners that seeing a Garden Suite in person is what pushed them over the edge and solidified their plans to build. We strive to showcase a diversity of suites on our tours, which are held several times a year. Tours are self-guided, so you are free to explore at your own pace. 

Homeowners and builders or designers are usually present to answer questions you may have.


We work closely with city administration, community members, and industry to advocate with positive amendments to Edmonton's Garden Suite regulations. Our goal is to reduce barriers to the development of Garden Suites so that more homeowners can benefit from this form of housing. 

The more we inform and educate Edmontonians on Garden Suites and infill in general, the closer we move towards achieving increased housing choice for all. 


Garden Suites are part of a larger conversation happening in cities across North America. How can we rebuild our cities to be more fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable? How can we accommodate growth while building complete communities where citizens can live active, healthy, and happy lifestyles? 

At YEGarden Suites, we recognize that collaboration is key, which is why we are constantly seeking out exciting partnerships and opportunities to deliver co-hosted events. Over the past few years, we've worked with like-minded organizations to host Janes Walks, design workshops, public engagement sessions, and much more. 

Garden Suite Consultations 

YEGarden Suites is now offering 1 on 1 Garden Suite Consults. If you are interested in speaking with the YEGarden Suites team about your Garden Suite dreams, we'd be happy to set up a time to chat. 

To set up your 1 hour consult with YEGarden Suites, please email us. 

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