Suite Seminars

Check out our digital library of on-demand webinars that will teach you the ins and outs of garden suites in Edmonton. 

Interested in learning about the process to build? YEGarden Suites has created an on-demand library of garden suite seminars that cover everything from rules and regulations to budgeting, to how to choose a builder. 

suite seminar series - PArt 1

Content includes the following.

Garden Suites 101 from YEGarden Suites

A quick summary of what garden suites are, who is building them, and why they are important for homeowners, our city, and our planet.

City of Edmonton on Garden Suites

The City of Edmonton presents the latest garden suite rules & regulations. You'll learn what types of lots can accommodate a suite, what rules your suite must conform to, how big it can be, how it can be oriented, etc. The City will provide an overview of the permitting process.You'll also hear from the City's Change For Climate initiative on how garden suites help build a more sustainable city.

Garden Suite Panel Discussion

Learn from everyday homeowners who have gone through the process of building a suite. Our panelists share tips, tricks, challenges, and benefits associated with building a garden suite.

Subdivision & Development Appeals Board (SDAB)

If you'd like to build something outside the typical rules and regulations for garden suites, you may have to present before the SDAB. We'll help to explain the process, and the procedure for interacting with this quasi-judicial body.

Garden Suite Site Analysis and Zoning Information

We'll take you through an example lesson looking at a Real Property Report (RPR), and lay out considerations for where a garden suite can be located on a lot. We will also identify things to watch out for and what properties are the best fit for a garden suite.

suite seminar series - PArt 2

Content includes the following.

Design Principles & Considerations for Garden Suites

An overview of design considerations for garden suites so that you can make the best of your small(er) space. We cover how to design a barrier free suite (fully accessible), so that you can tap into the City's incentives and ensure that your suite meets your needs into the future.

Utility Considerations for Garden Suites

Utility connections are an important consideration prior to deciding to build a suite. In collaboration with EPCOR, we walk you through the best case options for connecting your garden suite to sewer, water and power, and what to do/how much it costs to overcome any challenges associated with different utility connections.

Builder and Designer Showcase

You'll have the opportunity to get to know some of Edmonton's leading builders and designers of garden suites. Five different builders/designers each give a short presentation on their work and what they can offer you.

Builder and Designer Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with 5 different garden suite builders/designers where we cover the process to build a suite, costs associated with garden suites, challenges, etc.

suite seminar series - PArt 3

Content includes the following.

Financing for a Garden Suite

Hear the options for financing a garden suite from Mortgage and Finance specialists, and alternate lenders.

Investing and Budgeting for Garden Suites

Hear from Garden Suite investors, learn about the return on investment for garden suites and how to budget for a suite. You'll also receive a budgeting spreadsheet template to help you evaluate your own project.

Cost Breakdown

Get a sense for why Garden Suites costs start at around $160,000 and where money can be saved versus fixed costs.

Realtors Presentation and Panel

Hear from realtors about their experience with Garden Suites, and the growing market for backyard housing.