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Our Team

YEGarden Suites' is run by our Executive Director and President, Travis Fong, an Edmontonian who is passionate about building healthy & inclusive cities. 

Meet the Team: TeamMember
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Administrative Assistant 

Shelby is an experienced administrative assistant and has been with YEGarden Suites since the beginning. She is very agile and great at retrieving information. As you can see, her lack of thumbs do not compromise her ability to use an iPad or read through documents. She keeps us on track with hourly reminders to snack, walk, play, or nap. One smart pup. 

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Travis Fong

Co-founder & President

Travis has worked on development projects including affordable seniors housing and renewable energy. Travis' passion for economics led him to study the efficiency and growth of cities as part of an honours thesis. Originally from Halifax, Travis moved to Edmonton after graduating from Dalhousie University with a BA Honours in Sustainability and Political Science. Travis is also holds a MA Economics at the University of Waterloo.

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